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Recorded one afternoon at Tones on Tails (Oakland CA), HYPERSWIMMERS is a collection of songs written by Lorne Smith in late 2011. Starting in Oct 2012 with the first single INDIAN SUMMER, a new track will be released and added each month for the next 6 months.

Inspiration came quickly and in many forms - a road trip through a snow storm to Reno to play what was to become the final show for Lorne's last band Guns for San Sebastian ("In Our Time"), the wild exuberance of love and youth on a rare hot SF day ("Indian Summer"), the suspension between wake and sleep as a long night goes on forever ("Space"), the vanishing of time and space and interconnectedness of all things ("I Am You"), the desire to see and experience for one's self without being told what to think by the media ("Eyes Can See"), and a lament for a lost friend ("Never Gone").


released October 9, 2012

Recorded at Tones on Tails, Oakland CA, by Lucas Noah and Elliott Curtis
Mixed by Lucas Noah, Lorne Smith, and Elliott Curtis
Produced by Lorne Smith
Lorne Smith - guitar and vox
Jesse Cafiero - bass
Jake Wood - drums
Thomas Wing - guitar
Jordan Feinstein - keys
Ryan Lukas - backing vox



all rights reserved


The Wayhighs San Francisco, California

Wayhigh is a state of natural rush induced by on-the-spot-in-the-moment artistic creation without thought....channeling..the zone.. It’s a sound born in the Fells Point blues bars of Lorne’s hometown of Baltimore. It grew up on the beach, around the campfire, by the river, and beneath the tall trees. Recently they have shared the stage with Tea Leaf Green, Rusted Root, Stanton Moore, and Tracorum ... more

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Track Name: Indian Summer
Indian summer is waiting for you
Do anything that you want to do
Feel the heat, run to the sea
A lovers connection between you and me

We are the future, see us glimmer, in the sun
Hot and reflecting, psychedelic rays on everyone

Guided by drums, pounding the beat
Deep in the forest, on a hillside we meet
Everyone here's got crazy eyes
Life in a bottle, drinking it dry
Track Name: Space
I walk along the line
Between the night and day to come
We are floating lost in time
Spinning round with everyone

Some are working off the land
Some they working for their pay
Sometimes I wake and I am burning
Space is running away

Gonna make two where there’s one
Just a little more to share with everyone one
Pass the coffee but hold the cream
Not everyone is who they seem

Try to find the time to take it down, to write it, make it your own
Every little sign that I see on the road brings me, closer to home
Track Name: I Am You
Gone away, to another time
The silence is broken by love, give me a sign
Under the darkness a light, begins to appear
From ten thousand light years ago, the picture is clear

Hey, it’s a wave in motion
Hey, its an endless night
Hey, and underneath the silver light,
I am you

All my life, I'm reaching outside
The window is open for you, but you must decide
A beautiful feeling tonight, losing control
May the stones in your passway all be, diamonds and gold

The wave rolls over me

A ship, a boat, a brand new owner
A time to stand, a dream to lie
A home to leave, there is no other
Path to the outside
Track Name: In Our Time
All the waiting, we have done. The clock, has finally rung.
And our day for traveling is here.
We’re gonna drive, to the sun. And leave, the sea behind.
To keep moving forward you’ve got, to switch up the gears.

In our time we were, always on the run, play for anyone we had no choice
In our time we were, trying to hold it down, searchin’ for the sound to find a voice

In our time, we were

I try to see, straight ahead. Through a storm, that will not pass
So we turn up the Hips, ah-ah, and try to relax
When the wind, starts to blow. And turns, your world to white
Hold your breath, you’re blind, speed in the night

One way streets, and neon signs, we pull up to the door
We gonna burn it down in Reno

In our time, we were
Track Name: Never Gone
Where have you gone, my brother my friend
Did you hear the angels, inside of your head
Singing about a place, where the pain would be no more
We were still learning, when you closed the door

Here we are, let’s drink some wine
For all the ones we left behind
Raise a bottle and sing the song
You can leave, but you’re never gone

We worked in the field, the Summer of ‘03
Made a little money, to follow our dreams
I had my guitar, you left for LA
Too young to know better, too restless to stay

There is a star, in the southern sky
Burns a little brighter, since your goodbye
In my next life, when I see you again
I hope you’re still grinin’, my brother my friend
Track Name: Eyes Can See
Heavy things are falling, the stars from the sky
There’s a change in the weather, and the troops are standing by
Waiting for the end, they say is gonna come
I am a believer, the worlds come undone

I don’t want to watch it, on the glowing screen
Don’t need the news to tell me, my eyes can see

The earth has been shaking, like jello on a plate
No one has the answer, so we put our trust in fate,
The early morning sunrise, the promises we keep
The good friends we have made, and the strangers we will meet

I don’t want to watch it, on the glowing screen
Don’t need the news to tell me, my eyes can see
Because I felt the vibration, I see it in the air
A painted impression, of the colors everywhere
Of the colors, every where
The colors, everywhere