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CHANNELING is a collection of songs written and released by Lorne Smith in 2011.


released December 4, 2011

Wait to Move, Woodland, Sun Keeps Burning were recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Paul Carlsen. They were recorded on a sunny afternoon on May 6 2011 at Studio 352 In San Francisco CA. They feature:
Lorne Smith - guitar and vocals
Jake Wood - drums
Jordan Feinstein - keys and backing vox
Jesse Cafiero - bass

Farmhouse and My Eyes Can See were recorded on September 13 2011 at Studio 352 in San Francisco CA. They were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lucas Noah (Rec Center Studios, Oakland CA), and produced by Lorne and Lucas. They feature:
Lorne Smith - guitar and vocals
Maggie Cassidy - vocals on Farmhouse
Jake Wood - drums
Ryan Lukas - bass
Jordan Feinstein - keys

Together It's All Right was recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Lucas Noah, Rec Center Studios, in Oakland CA in August 2011. It features:
Lorne Smith - guitar and vocals
Ryan Lukas - bass
Lucas Noah - beats and synths
Thomas Wing - micro-korg and backing vocals



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The Wayhighs San Francisco, California

Wayhigh is a state of natural rush induced by on-the-spot-in-the-moment artistic creation without thought....channeling..the zone.. It’s a sound born in the Fells Point blues bars of Lorne’s hometown of Baltimore. It grew up on the beach, around the campfire, by the river, and beneath the tall trees. Recently they have shared the stage with Tea Leaf Green, Rusted Root, Stanton Moore, and Tracorum ... more

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Track Name: The Sun Keeps Burning
My heart, has been my guide, in love and life, and I will always follow.
My heart, show the way, night and day. It's never done me wrong.

Sun keeps burning to the center of my heart.

My soul, on solid ground, lost and found. I wanna give a little to my friend.
My soul, high above, share the love, I can't wait to get back home.

The sun keep burning to the center of my heart.

The sun, keeps burning.
Track Name: Woodland
"I am a stranger walking around in the dark
Every step forward is led by my heart
Trust now and follow the way
That you can't always see with your eyes
Every new day begins in the darkness of night

Barefoot feeling the road, present in mind
One with this moment and place in the history of time
Nobody knows what will come
I'm gonna leave it to the crystal ball
I'd rather live in the mystery of it all

I am a alone except for the owl in the tree
His call a reminder of right where I want to be
Building a home here with you
In our valley where the horses play
I'm gonna learn how to ride them, one of these days"
Track Name: Together It's All Right
"On the horizon, they were calling out my name.
We got a place for you here, if you feel the same.
I had nothing to lose, so I looked them, in the eye.
I said that I would follow, if there's room for my wife.

Under the moon, the path is clear.
Together we go, without fear.

I am a child here, far away from home.
We cook on open fires, everyday a song.
No one keeps the time, the suns up, or its down.
We go to sleep when we're tired, from diggin holes in the ground.

One step then the other, just another phase of life.
Heel to toe we go on, together it's all right."
Track Name: Wait To Move
It was morning. The lights on market began to dim and slowly fade.
The conversation that we had, still on my mind where it weighed.


Should you leave her to think about it, and wonder what you got to give?
Or leave no question, no doubt at all, about the life you both could live.

Wait, to move
Don’t call, too soon
When you cross, that line
One day, you’ll be mine

In the fog that I was living long ago before you,
I had a notion deep inside, I’d find a love long overdue

I don’t need no confirmation
I got my own two good eyes
I don’t need no invitation
To open up the door and walk inside
Track Name: My Eyes Can See
Heavy things are falling, the stars from the sky
There’s a change in the weather, and the troops are standing by
Waiting for the end, they say is gonna come
I am a believer, the world's come undone

I don’t want to watch it, on the glowing screen
Don’t need the news to tell me, my eyes can see

The ground has been shaking, like jello on a plate
No one has the answer, so we put our trust in fate
And the early morning sunrise, the promises we keep
The good friends we have made, and the strangers we will meet

I don’t want to watch it, on the glowing screen
Don’t want the news to tell me, my eyes can see
Because I felt the vibration, I see it in the air
It's a painted impression, of the colors everywhere
Track Name: Farmhouse
The birds have something to say as the sunlight, creeps in my eye
Days are getting longer but the weeds, are growing high
Two cups of coffee then we walk, to see what we can see
In the valley below, and the fog, unfolding to the sea

I live in a farmhouse, it’s where I spend my days
Morning to evening, the work turns into play
Singing songs that don’t make sense, except to you and me
Oo-oh la la la it’s a farmhouse melody

Dig me a hole for the poppies they’ll be, so pretty next year
He picked up the shovel and I opened, myself a beer
Well I don’t need a workhorse, cause I got a workin man instead
To plant my garden, and water my flower bed

Take the highway East, into the rising sun
Through the golden hills, where the horses run
To the farmhouse